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Spring 2014


Spring 2014 courses end April 18, 2014!

Summer 2014

COVE is accepting new students for the Summer 2014 and the COVE Application is now available!
CLICK HERE for the COVE Application

For current COVE students, we have worked out a plan to have you complete all of your coursework by the end of Summer 2014. The following is very important information as you plan for Summer 2014.
• Summer 2013 was the last time SEDP 501, SEDP 631, SEDP 531, and SEDP 601 were offered on-line through COVE in the 2013-2014 academic year.
• Fall 2013 was the last time SEDP 602 and SEDP 533 were offered on-line through COVE for the 2013-2014 academic year.
• Spring 2014 will be the last time that SEDP 611 and TEDU 561 will be offered on-line through COVE for the 2013-2014 academic year.
• Summer 2014 will be the last time that SEDP 603 will be offered on-line through COVE for the next year. If you are scheduled to take SEDP 502 and SEDP 503, the Supervision Seminars, you will need to complete these courses by the Summer 2014 semester (SEDP 502 will not be offered in the Summer 2014). Remember you can only take the Supervision Seminars in your next to last and last semesters in the program.

If after Summer 2014 you have remaining coursework, we will assist you in enrolling in the Department of Special Education and Disability Policy courses which will likely be face-to-face or a combination of on-line and face-to-face. This applies to all courses except the Supervision Seminars, which after Summer 2014, may not be offered again until 2015.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has been awarded a state funded grant to offer graduate level online courses leading to a five-year renewable license with an endorsement in Special Education: General Curriculum. Eligible participants are special educators holding a valid conditional or provisional teaching license, and must be teaching students with high incidence disabilities in a school located in Region 1, 3 or 8 of Virginia.

If you do not know which region your school district is in, please visit the Virginia Department of Education's website.

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VCU School of Education Graduate M.Ed. Program

If you are interested in pursuing an M.Ed. degree, we encourage you to apply to the VCU Graduate School before the completion of your first two COVE courses. Only 6 credit hours taken through COVE prior to admission to the VCU Graduate School can be used toward an M.Ed. degree. If you entered COVE prior to Fall 2009 and wish to pursue an M.Ed. degree at this point, please contact the program to review options for counting courses you have already taken. Please contact Dr. LaRon Scott at for information about the M.Ed. program.

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